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AI has been around already several years, but now AI technology allows to use data, multiple interfaces (messaging apps, voice) and multiple communication channels to increase event attendee engagement and provide unique event experience. AI changes a way how event organisers can plan, manage and analyse events.
Today people are using messenger apps more than they are using social networks
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During this webinar you will learn:
What is a chatbot and why is it important for event organisers?
How to increase attendees' engagement with the event chatbot?
How to mesure chatbot success?
Speaker: Karlis Skuja
For the last 15 years Karlis has helped companies to build relationships with their customers by implementing CRM and business process management systems for event agencies and hotels.

Today Karlis is CEO and co-founder of Botwiser - Brussels-based award-winning startup company that helps improve service and innovate communication with customers. He also likes to play the guitar and to sing funny songs for his daughter!
What will you get after the webinar?
We will share with you a video and presentation of the webinar on the day following the event!
Every Friday
10:00 –10:30 CET
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