Eventumbot price starts from 400 EUR per event. The rate is determined by selected features. If you organize multiple events, we also offer yearly subscription plan and event agency plan. Eventumbot can help to automate communication for small, medium and large event organisers.
Content management system, Agenda, Speakers, Event map and FAQ
Attendees requests and ticketing system, Reviews, Agenda notifications and reminders
Facebook Messenger chatbot, website widget
Event web app, registration with e-mail and Social media
Scheduled announcements / push notifications
Sponsors & Partners & Exhibitors
Special offers and nearby places (hotels, restaurants, etc.)
Multi-language support
Standard support
Price per event
400 EUR
700 EUR
1000 EUR
Custom pricing
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We offer Add-ons to extend Eventumbot functionality and increase your audience engagement.

With this add-on event attendees can create own profile, set preferences and let Eventumbot to find matching profiles and offer to meet during event.

Live pools and questions

With this add-on you can crowdsource the questions from your audience, get their opinion and display the results in real-time.

With this add-on event attendees can interact with voice recognition enabled devices at info points to get information about event agenda, speakers and FAQ.

With this add-on you can create different challenges for your audience and provide unique and fun event experiences.

IoT (Beacons) - In beta
With this add-on event organisers can use Proximity technology to connect with attendees and provide relevant, tailored, context aware and location based rich-content directly to mobile devices during events. It also gives the traffic insights, including proximity and check-in data input for detailed analytics.
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