Innovation for your event

AI, Bots and Voice

AI has been around already several years, but now AI technology allows to use data, multiple interfaces (messaging apps, voice) and multiple communication channels to increase event attendee engagement and provide unique event experience. AI changes a way how event organisers can plan, manage and analyse events.
AI and Machine learning

Machine learning is important part of artificial intelligence. Machine learning gives computer systems the ability to "learn" and improve performance without being explicitly programmed. This give changes the way we interact with technology. Thanks to machine learning it's possible to provide immediate responses and relevant content, based on user profile and contextual data (event agenda, FAQ, location) and also predict when and how to communicate with audience.

Messaging apps are the future of communication, and chatbots/AI will help to automate this and to provide access to many services more easily. Chatbots are disrupting how event organisers interact with audience and how they find information related to the event (FAQ, Agenda, Speakers, Partners, Sponsors).

People are now spending more time on messaging apps than on social media and this is a huge turning point.
  • Ticket sales
  • Venue information
  • Directions
  • Admission policy
  • WIFI and more


Talking to bots using voice is a very "human" experience. It feels as if you're talking to someone over the phone. You hear the voice and your mind imagines the rest. Voice-enabled devices are changing how we communicate not just with our digital assistants, but with other people. It's important to note that these innovations don't obviate human conversation; they supplement and encourage it by removing the friction of picking up a phone, opening an app, or typing a message.

It won't be long before we expect this kind of experience when communicating before, during and after event, We've seen this pattern before — consumer technologies like Facebook and Twitter emerge, gain traction in our personal lives, and after become mainstream in business settings.

This is a wake-up call for brands that approach the digital experience as a series of taps and swipes. Companies that value customer experience will figure out how to blend digital interactions via messaging apps and voice. And they'll win.
About Eventumbot

Eventumbot is an event communication and automation platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and chatbot technology which helps event organisers to save resources on event management, provide better service to event attendees and help them to communicate easier.
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Botwiser helps companies to improve and automate communication with customers by offering Bot-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions powered by AI, IoT and chatbot technology.